Safe Color Transformations

Featured Artists: Monica Edmonds and Kim Phlegm

Every Colorist’s Must-Have Items for Safe Color Transformations

Every colorist deals with the same problems. Dryness, breakage, and getting even color results. We’re going to share with you some key strategies to improving your color services and getting that consistency every time.

Coloring, and especially color correcting, can be tricky business. And getting that perfectly even color every time can be hit or miss if you’re not preparing the clients’ hair properly. Check out how these ladies use Ashtae Products to ensure clients have strong healthy hair and get even color for every service.

First, let’s talk about breakage. Many times customers come into the salon wanting color services but they’ve been coloring at home or they’ve gone to another stylist who did it improperly. Whatever the reason for the breakage, the solution is the Ashtae Fortifier Treatment. The Fortifier Treatment is liquid protein in a bottle. It fills the gaps in the hair shaft, rebuilds the hair, and prepares it for chemical services such as color, relaxers, or permanent wave.

Take a look at this color transformation done by @Kim_Phlegm. The guest tried to color her hair at home with no success. On her first visit to the salon, Kim shampooed her hair and then applied the Ashtae Fortifier Treatment throughout the hair. The guest sat under the dryer to 10-15 minutes. Next, she applied the Heavenly Silk & Shine Conditioner and rinsed with cool water. After a few visits with treatments, she was able to safely lift the client to a beautiful bonde without any breakage, popping of the strands, or shedding of the hair. Now that’s a safe color transformation!

Another issue colorists face is dryness. Having chemically-processed hair can be difficult to keep hydrated and moisturized. That’s where the Creme Revitalizer Treatment becomes your best friend for guests with color, relaxer, thio, or experiencing any kind of dryness or brittleness to their hair. It’s the perfect deep conditioning treatment that can be used like a hair mask under the steamer or dryer with a plastic cap. Following with a dime-size amount of Ashtae Moisture Plus as a leave-in conditioner gives the guest continued moisture. Why? It’s a humectant! So it brings moisture from the air into the hair. Remember that: from the air into the hair.

The last issue colorists deal with is getting even color consistently. Have you ever applied color and had streaks throughout the hair? OR maybe small blotches or patches where the color didn’t take? There’s a few things you can do to avoid that from happening.

First and foremost, having a clean surface to work with is key. Using the Ashtae Clarifying Shampoo will thoroughly cleanse the hair of any oils, hairsprays, spritzes, gels, or buildup. This apple pectin shampoo gives you the ability to have a fresh start and clean pallet to apply the hair color.

Second, apply the Ashtae Fortifier Treatment throughout the hair prior to decolorizing or applying any color. This goes for balayage, permanent color, demis and semis. Mist it throughout the hair, then, apply your color. The Fortifier Treament goes in and fills those gaps within the hair shaft so when your color process is over, you have perfectly even color every time.

Take a look at this color transformation by Monica Edmonds.

Here’s another tip. We know you’ve experienced swelling of decolorizer. the Use the Fortifier Treatment to keep your lightener from swelling. Pour about half an ounce in your decolorizer mixture and watch it stabilize! The best part is, it doesn’t slow down the color processing time one bit. Trust us, it works.

Bonus Tip! You can use the Fortifier Treatment to rebuild the bonds and bring life to dry, dull hair as a stand-alone treatment. Take a look at the before and after pics below of someone who received a Fortifying Treatment by @Kim_Phlegm. This guest did NOT receive color on this day, but her color is refreshed and no longer looks dull. For this service, she combined the Ashtae Fortifier Treatment + Heavenly Silk & Shine Conditioner and applied it on the hair. Then, she had the guest sit with a plastic cap for 15 minutes. Rinse, then apply the Ashtae Moisture Plus & Silkening Serum to blow-dry and curl.