Ashtae Brand Ambassador Program

Ashtae is looking to expand its team of Brand Ambassadors (also known as BAs)

Do you use the Ashtae Product line? Are you passionate about the Ashtae Brand and its philosophies? Want to educate others about the products and brand? 


Joining the Ashtae Brand Ambassador Team is a simple process

#1: Demonstrate sufficient product knowledge: You have to know, understand, and be able to truly explain product usage other stylists

#2: Fill out our Brand Ambassador Submission Form


Brand Ambassador Program FAQ

What to Expect:

This program is not for those who want to be Ashtae Educators. Ashtae Educators teach online classes, hands-on classes, classes, platform and mainstage at trade shows, etc. This is not that.

Our Brand Ambassadors will be doing in-store product demonstrations, assisting at trade shows in their area, represent as sales staff at events, and do in-salon seminars. Ashtae BAs help educate other stylists about the product line in small, group settings.

Attire for Events:

Brand Ambassadors will wear Ashtae T-Shirts plus the bottoms of their choice. We always wear brand colors for events and swag wherever possible.

How will it work? How often will I be needed? How much time is the commitment?

The time commitment can be as much or as little as you want it to be. When an event is happening in your area, we will send out an email to see if you're interested and available. If so, we'll coordinate details and get you scheduled.

Most events take place on Sundays and Mondays. Major events sometimes take place on a Saturday.

The other time commitment will be regular zoom meetings with other BAs to get company updates over video calls. Meetings are usually every other month.

Have additional questions about the process? Please contact us at 


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**This portal will close 11/30/21**