Ashtae Shades of Essence Color System line offers a semi-permanent solution that will not stain and does not fade or run. To obtain the brightest colors, make sure to use directly after relaxing the hair to maintain a healthy shine to the hair. It can be used as needed on various types of hair with the ability to cover 0 to 80% of fray hair directly after relaxer.

The Ashtae conditioning system consists of the Advanced Fortifier Treatment, Ashtae Crème Revitalizer Treatment, Ashtae Moisture Plus, and Ashtae Silk Protein Conditioner. The fortifier treatment helps to stop damage and replenish the natural amino-acids that your hair naturally creates. These treatments are excellent for hair that has breakage. Also, it is great for hair that is dry, dull, or has been damaged by color treatments. It’s essential to use the Ashtae conditioning system after every shampoo.

The Dandruff System rebuilds over-processed hair. It is excellent for dry, dull or color-treated hair. You can use the Ashtae Hair Oil as a hot oil treatment for dry scalp which won’t leave the hair oily or greasy. The Ashtae Cool Sensation Dandruff Shampoo is formulated to remove both oil and dry dandruff. Its tingling action leaves the scalp feeling cool, clean and refreshed due to the built in antisepticide, bactericide, and fungicide.

The Ashtae Finishing System consists of the following products: Ashtae Freeze Spray, Ashtae Sili-Gloss, Ashtae Hair Oil, and the Ashtae High Gloss Curl Wax. All of these finishing products hold the hair tight while keeping your hair bouncy and light. The Ashtae Sili-Gloss gives your hair instant shine and gloss, and stops frizz while moisturizing and conditioning the hair.

Heavenly hair includes the Heavenly Hair Relaxer System, Heavenly Hair Hair & Scalp Pomade, Heavenly Hair Body Oil Mist, Heavenly Hair Moisturizing Shampoo, Heavenly Hair Foam Lotion, and Heavenly Hair Silk & Shine Conditioner. This hair care line is a light formula system to help promote healthy hair growth. It has vitamins A, D, and E to moisturize dry scalp and skin without making the hair feel greasy. With this line, you will be able to give your hair more body, sheen, and bounce than you've ever thought possible.

The Natural Hair System is fortified with Ashtae X-tra conditioners and essential oils to give your hair the healthy and well moisturized look that you desire. Since this system has Shea Butter as a core ingredient of its styling products, you are sure to have your hair conditioned, bouncy, and light while adding no harsh chemicals to your hair.